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What I Read: May 2018

The first week of June is already over, holy moly! So yeah, this is a bit late. But I'm trying to publish one post per week right now, so this is bang on schedule actually ;)

May was a bit of a rocky month in terms of reading: too many books which should have been DNFs (but have a weird personal rule that if I start a book there's no option but to finish it), which threatened to ruin my love of reading altogether.

But my choices picked up towards the end of the month, and June is looking good! My Goodreads challenge is looking.... OK? I'm 4 books behind. Only 4! That's nothing! I'm not stressed about it at all! Heh.

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The Gilded Lily by Deborah Swift
This was barely worth the time it took to read, but I rated it 2 stars because there were a few (small) snippets of interesting history in there, and the settings were real enough. The characterisation was dismal, though, and I skim-read many, many pages so it would. just. end. already.

OK, say what you will about this book (this is my go-to phrase whenever I enjoy a ~problematic~ book, heh) but this got me out of a reading slump, at least. It wasn't a literary masterpiece, no, and it did have issues I admit - but it was gripping enough and I became attached to some characters. I rated this 3 stars, as a solid middle-ground book.

The Paris Enigma by Pablo de Santis
Aaand then this came along, and I began wondering if the old bookworm-me that emerged when reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter was once again lost, forever. This was dull. Tedious. Trivial. Confusing. One star, and I'm steering clear of this author.

Flowers in the Snow by Danielle Stewart
I opted for reading a novel on my kindle, because I've let it gather dust (and the battery had almost run flat). Unfortunately it's slim pickings in my kindle library right now - this had some good reviews, but I think those reviewers are very different readers to me. There was nothing I enjoyed about this book, and the writing was really disappointing. Again, 1 star.

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Three Sisters Three Queens by Philippa Gregory
I knew Philippa Gregory could bring my love of reading back to life! A couple of years ago, I cringed at Philippa Gregory books and wouldn't admit that I enjoyed them. Now I've just accepted the fact: Philippa Gregory is a devoted historian, a wonderful writer, and a great plotter, and I love her novels. This was no exception. Although some people have critiqued it and complained that there's only one perspective shown, I thought it was a great insight into the (largely fictional and speculative) mind and thoughts of a complex woman. And now, I'm publicly going to say this: I am definitely looking forward to reading more Philippa Gregory - they are certainly not trash ;)

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That's it for this month! As I said, my read list for June already has a couple of great books, and I acquired a few more yesterday which I'm looking forward to reading devouring sometime soon. (I was supposed to be on a book-buying/borrowing ban but.... it didn't last long. It never lasts long.)

Until next time, please remember to speak and think kind words to yourself and others; look out for each other and maybe read a book if you're in need of a bit of a pick me up.

What did you read in May?

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